For optimal efficacy on target weeds, Taipan must be applied early i.

Depending on weed population, three or more operations may be done. Machete 5G d.

The new active ingredient Tetflupyrolimet, discovered and developed by FMC with support from Syngenta for the development in rice, marks the first major herbicide.

A herbicide for consistent control of annual grasses in paddy rice, with the flexibility to apply from pre-emergence up to the 3-leaf stage.

List of herbicides that may be used for direct-seeded rice. A shallow flood should be present at the time of application. /gal.


. . With multiple modes of action and a broad weed spectrum, it's the perfect.

0 L/ha 20 kg/ha 20 kg/ha 2-5 DAS 2-4 DBS 6-8 DAS Apply to moist and puddled soil. In India, major part of pesticides (around 45%) is used for cotton followed by 22% for rice ( Aktar et al.


For best results, apply Loyant to actively growing rice and weeds that are not currently subjected to undue stress, such as abnormally hot or cold weather, environmental conditions such as drought, or hail damage, prior herbicide applications or soils.

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Allow weeds to emerge for at least 2 weeks then kill by another.
It can be used at 1.

herbicides; spray volume is 500-600 L/ha.


. Jun 7, 2018 · In many areas of the United States it is common practice to plant soybeans in rotation with rice, thereby introducing the potential for herbicide carryover. .

Sonic 60 EC c. , 2011). / A (1 gallon treats 8. 7E Genate +. . View the product label for Clearpath herbicide for Clearfield Rice from BASF Ag Products.

Weeds have evolved resistance to 21 of the 31 known herbicide sites of.

With multiple modes of action and a broad weed spectrum, it's the perfect. Table G – 2 outlines a Quick Guide for Treatment Methods by Species (a more detailed treatment by species can be found in Appendix I).

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(emulsifiable concentrate) Mode of Action ACCase inhibitor Average Use Rate 10 to 15 oz.



RebelEX can be applied to conventional and CLEARFIELD ® acres.