This is the most expensive cigar on the market.

While not the most practical for the cigar smoker on the go, Gran Cabana’s No. .

This exceptional piece was created as a display item meant to be showcased during trade shows.

King of Denmark – $150 each.

. Below is a list of the top ten most expensive cigars in the world. 43) How many you can buy with $100: 3.

10 Most Expensive Cigars.

photo source: liquor. 1 The Garden Pavilion, London UK. 5 El Gigante – $185,000 per cigar.

1600 pounds of tobacco leaves were used to fill this cigar, which can be smoked by 40 people at a time. Rating: 93 points Price: 23 cuc ($26.

The cigar box that belonged to President John F.

In any case, we have plenty of expensive cigars in our vast warehouse.

5 x 50 Double R size is a powerhouse of a cigar that stands out above the rest. The most expensive cigar ever.

The smoke is thick and chewy, with a rich, leathery core and elegant hints of earth, complemented by an assortment of sweet spices on the finish. 5 El Gigante- $185,000.

Conversely, the Trinidad Fundadores is €4 cheaper per cigar in Germany than Spain, but that too is an outlier and a €61 or €65 per cigar, where the difference isn’t that much in context.
This piece of presidential history was once on JFK's desk in the Oval Office, and the opportunity to obtain it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance.


The cigar was created as a showpiece for trade shows is wrapped.

Made at a small factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, this cigar brand debuted in 2008. . The cigar box that belonged to President John F.

This great cost is not a gimmick but is. . The top 1 on the list right of the bat, the Gurkha Royal Courtesan currently holds the title of the ‘most expensive cigar in the world’ with a mind-boggling price tag of $1. . . Gurkha Royal Courtesan ($1,000,000): Source Luxury Launches When one thinks of luxury items that only the elite of the elite are able to purchase most times thoughts go to cars like the Bugatti.

This is the world's most expensive cuban cigar still in production.

. So popular after its 2006 release Cohiba has since made a less exclusive version of this cigar.


Photo courtesy of World’s Most Expensive Cigar.

Topping the world's most expensive cigars is the lavish Gurkha Royal Courtesan Cigar, which boasts a mind-blowing $1.

Gran Habano No.

4 on our most recent Top 25 list.