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To close is to shut something or to end something. .



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Close The File synonyms - 38 Words and Phrases for Close The File.

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. So as an example, I have a file open called test.


324 synonyms for close: shut, lock, push to, fasten, secure, shut down, finish, cease, discontinue, wind up.

shut the case. You could close a door, close your mouth, or even close a deal.

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: to conclude discussion or negotiation about.
txt, store in the same directory as your Python script.


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Check over the attachment. This gives the user greater personal,. finish the case.

If a file has changed since it was opened and is closed without saving, those changes are lost. I’m sending you (file) as a pdf file. . : to conclude discussion or negotiation about. synonyms.

Imagine you've got a file, called file_1.

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